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Why has my reporting frequency changed to monthly reporting with the new Revenue by Marketplace feature? How can I report the other months of the quarter?


You would like to know why the reporting frequency changed from Quarterly to Monthly when you switched to the Revenue by Marketplace feature.




  • When we updated our website to the new Revenue by Marketplace reporting feature, the reporting frequency switched to monthly. All accounts going forward will have an open reporting period each month.

  • If you have a Quarterly filing frequency with all of your tax jurisdictions, you may wish to report revenue only in a quarter-end month (for most locations this is January, April, July, and October).

    • Please keep in mind that the reporting period on the Report Revenue page on your MyLodgeTax website will state the last month of the quarter, but if you have not reported for the first two months of the quarter, it is perfectly fine to report revenue for the entire quarter in the final month.

  • If you would like to receive email reminders only during the month that your returns are due, you may change the frequency of your email reminders on the Notification page in your Profile.

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