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When I try to report revenue it says "Setup is not complete". What do I need to do?


You would like to know why you see the message" Setup is not complete" when you try to report your revenue.




  • You cannot report revenue until your account has been set up and activated. 
  • Please check your Tax Rate/Welcome email for the "First Reporting Deadline" date listed in the table at the top of the letter.  If you are trying to report revenue before the month indicated as the "First Reporting Deadline" date, then it is too early for you to report revenue.
  • If you are trying to report revenue in the month indicated on your welcome letter and you see the message "Setup is not complete", it could be that we have not received some information that we require from you in order to set up your account and/or apply for your licenses, which has delayed the start date of your first tax filing.  If you have any Alerts on the home page of your MyLodgeTax webpage, those Alerts will let you know what information is missing.
  • If there are no Alerts and the reporting month is correct, please contact us at to look into the reason why your setup is not complete.
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