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Support: How Do I Retrieve a Customer's License Numbers When Requested?


A customer is asking for all their license numbers for a certain property and you're not sure where to locate them. 


MyLodge Tax


  • In the MyLodge Portal, find the customer by going to Admin>Search
  • Once you have the customer record pulled up, go to the Licenses link in the right side menu
  • If we have already completed the application process for the license(s), the license number will display here (make sure you the property ID matches the request)
  • If we have not completed the application process, the name of the license applied for will display but it will not yet show the license number. 
  • Typically it takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks from the start of the application for us to receive the license(s), enter it into the customer's account, make copies and mail the original to the customer for their records. 
  • NOTE: If a license labeled as "Occupational" is an old license number, we do not give it out, unless the customer needs to know what their old number was. If you see "Occupational" under a customer's licenses, this either means it's an old license number or that it's not used for tax returns. 
  • One last place you can retrieve a customer's license number or a copy of a their license is in their customer folder. Go to U:\MyLodgeShares\Customer Files.