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I made a mistake when reporting my revenue and now the reporting period is closed. How can I fix my mistake?


You would like to know how to correct a mistake made when reporting my revenue after the reporting period is closed. 




  • Once you report revenue into your MyLodgeTax webpage and click “Pay Now”, the reporting period closes and only the system administrator can make any changes.  If you need to have us change anything on your Rental Revenue Reporting page, please email changes to before the 10th of the month and we will complete that for you. Please make sure to send us the following information for each property that needs to be adjusted:
    • Number of nights rented
    • Rental revenue
    • Does rental revenue include tax? 
  • If you discover your error after the 10th of the month, it is possible that your returns have already been filed and would need to be amended.  Please see the FAQ "I missed the reporting deadline. How can I report revenue after the 10th of the month?"  for more details on how to correct the reporting error after the 10th of the month.