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How do I cancel my MyLodgeTax monthly subscription?


You would like to know how to cancel your subscription.




Important information to note before canceling your subscription:

  • Any remaining rental revenue should be reported in MyLodge prior to submitting your cancellation request to ensure accurate filings are completed. 

  • If applicable, any tax liabilities due for a future period will be refunded. All future tax filings/liabilities will be your responsibility once your MyLodge account is deactivated.

  • We do not offer refunds for prior subscription fees and/or non-reporting fees.

  • Please make sure to check the FAQ regarding jurisdictions that require an exempt filing by the individual taxpayer if Marketplaces are filing on your behalf.  In these cases, if you are cancelling your subscription with us because your booking platform is filing the tax on your behalf, please note that you may still be required to keep your license or tax account active and file periodic returns.

To request a cancellation, go to the Online Cancellation Form, or complete our Cancellation Request Form and return it to us by the 15th of the month to avoid a charge for subscription fees the following month.  A completed cancellation form is required to process any cancellation request

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