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How do I file a GSTR-1?

To file a GSTR1:

  1. Login to Avalara India GST Returns
  2. Click GSTR 1/2/3, located alongside the desired filing period.
  3. Under My Data tab, click Upload CSV File, a pop-up will appear on the screen.
  4. Click Upload Data File to upload a CSV file.
  5. On this tab you will be able to upload sales transactions using the Input Template (.csv file). You will also find a self-help instruction sheet which will guide you through the adding transactions to the template. There are steps below on downloading the template and preparing your CSV data.

    Once you’ve uploaded the transactions into Avalara system, you will be able to review the invoices before saving them to GST network. Click Save GSTR1 to save invoices to GSTN..
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