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Can Avalara support agents give tax advice?


You have a question regarding taxability that could be considered tax advice, and want to know if Avalara Support assists with this.


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  • Avalara support agents cannot provide tax advice
  • Support provides advice specific to our software and how it functions
    • Support is able to assist you with how our software and service works, and the settings within it to achieve your desired result, but we cannot tell you if you should collect tax in a certain area or for a certain product, etc.
  • Support does not provide advice specific to your business
    • We recommend consulting with a CPA, Tax Attorney, or the relevant State Department of Revenue (Taxation, Comptroller, Equalization, etc.)
    • Our professional services team can be engaged for assistance with many aspects of taxation, contact your account manager for details 
  • This question comes up fairly often, here is an example:
    • We can tell you the tax codes available for "Sports Equipment", how to find them, and how to apply them to your items.
    • We cannot confirm if the particular sports equipment you sell should use that tax code, because we are not experts on your business, and what is included with the purchase of your sports equipment.
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