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Avalara response to COVID-19 - FAQ

Our COVID-19 Response

In light of this global crisis, Avalara remains committed to helping customers navigate and react to changes that impact sales tax compliance. Our global team of experts monitor changes at every level of taxing authority in reaction to changes that happen every day, so our systems and processes adapt quickly to intake and adjust for this type of event.


The following FAQs are meant to help answer some of the most pressing questions we’re hearing from our customers. We’ll continue to update this list as more information becomes available.

Is Avalara tracking government responses to COVID-19 and corresponding sales tax changes?

Yes. Avalara is actively tracking and taking action on changes in response to COVID-19. For the most current information, see our COVID-19 tax news and resources hub.

Some tax jurisdictions in the U.S. are offering different kinds of relief, whether it’s waiving late fees, extending the deadline to file, etc. Does Avalara support all these options?

Yes. The following questions give more information about what you can do if you want to take advantage of an offer from your state or tax jurisdiction. See our Coronavirus Tax Relief Roundup for state-specific information.

I want to take advantage of an offer from a state or tax jurisdiction for tax relief, and I use Avalara Returns. What should I do?

If you'd like to take advantage of an option from a tax jurisdiction to defer your payment, you need to stop filing returns in that tax jurisdiction. 

If you want to stop filing a scheduled return, you have until the last day of the month before the month it's scheduled to be filed to make the change. For example, you have until May 31st to ask Avalara not to file your May return.

If I skip a returns filing due to a state extension, what is the process for filing skipped returns?

When you're ready to file returns your business skipped filing, ask Avalara to start filing them again. Make this request at least 30 days prior to when you want Avalara to file your skipped returns.

I'm an Avalara MyLodge customer. How do I know if my jurisdiction has changed filing requirements in response to COVID-19?

Avalara MyLodge is tracking jurisdictional changes. Keep in mind that this is a fluid situation and the content is subject to change over time. If you need additional details about what your jurisdiction is doing, contact them directly.

Am I able to take advantage of a filing extension if I’m in the Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) program with Avalara?

As an SST Certified Service Provider (CSP), Avalara is obligated to facilitate the accurate sales tax calculations for SST customers and adhere to SST standards and monthly remittance requirements. As a result, customers wanting to delay filing must deregister the state(s) in question from the SST program. To request that your business deregister an SST state(s), submit a case via Support Case Manager. After deregistering the state(s) from the SST Program, your organization is responsible for filing and remitting any past liabilities and continuing to collect and remit in that state(s) if you have a nexus obligation. To add a state(s) back into the SST program, submit a case within your Avalara account. Keep in mind that states must be added prior to your first of the month, as SST program benefits are applicable after the initial transaction within the month of going live with SST.

If you’re part of the SST program with Avalara as your CSP and have questions on which states are offering filing and remittance extensions, review the list of states on our Coronavirus Tax Relief Roundup.