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Avalara Applies Industry FTP Security Standards: Migrating to support only Secure FTP (SFTP)


On March 31, 2020, Avalara will employ industry security standards and will require a Secure FTP (SFTP) connection in the AvaTax for Communications platform. The non-secure FTP Port 21 will be disabled and will no longer be used for transmitting data. This will impact any customers using with the legacy insecure FTP protocol. Any customers who continue to use legacy FTP after March 31, 2020 will be unable to connect. Customers already using SFTP should be unaffected by this change.

If you are only using your web browser and accessing with, no changes are needed.

Products Impacted

  • AFC SaaS Standard
  • AFC SaaS Pro Soap
  • AFC Geo SaaS Standard


  1. Enable Secure FTP (SFTP) within your FTP software and connect to  This may be as simple as changing to s
  2. Verify that the connection is successful and that nothing needs to be updated or specifically allowed on your firewall or switch.

NOTE: Secure FTP is already supported on the site, and this change can be made immediately. Avalara strongly recommends that you make this change prior to the March 31, 2020 deadline to ensure that you do not experience any service interruptions.

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