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How can I create bundle files, exclusion files, or override files and apply them to my account?


You want to create a bundle, exclusion, or override file and apply it to your account in AvaTax for Communications.


Avalara AvaTax for Communications SaaS Pro (REST)


  1. In the Communications Customer Portal, select Apps > My Account to access the Downloads page for the account. Find a download called EZtax Manager Update. This is a desktop tool that supports creating bundle files, exclusion files, and both Rate and Logic overrides.  If EZtax Manager Update is not available, submit a support case to get your account licensed for AFC Manager and the required components.


  2. Use AFC Manager to create the customization file.

  3. After you create the files, submit a support case with a request to apply the files to your account.

    • Attach the files you created to the request email.

    • Include instructions as to whether the files should be applied to the Sandbox, PROD, or both environments.

    • Allow up to 24 hours for the changes to be applied to your account.

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