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How do I apply a UPR ?


You want to install the UPR file that Avalara sent. 


Avalara AvaTax for Communications Manager


The UPR software downloads are available on the Communications Customer Portal.

Update your current version of the AFC Manager with the ezm01.upr.  The ezm01.upr file includes the same update information contained in the EZTax.upr.  If you have installed the AFC UPR, you should to apply the ezm01.upr to your AFC Manager/Viewer installation to make them consistent.

  • Navigate to the AFC Manager folder.
  • Copy the ezm01.upr file to the ezm folder, replacing the existing file with the new UPR file if needed.
    • The ezm01.dat file is saved in the EZM AFC Manager directory.  Locate the ezm01.dat file to find the proper directory. 
    • The default installation path to this folder is: C:\Program Files\BillSoft\EZTax Manager\ezm.  
  • AFC Manager automatically loads the UPR file when the AFC Viewer is opened.
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