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Why won't my Rhode Island filing credentials work?


You are creating or modifying a filing calendar in AvaTax for Rhode Island, but when AvaTax goes to validate the credentials, it says they are invalid.


First, confirm that the credentials work on the state site. If they don't, you will need to work with the state to get access again. If you need to make changes, please update the filing calendar as well.

If they do work on the state site but not in AvaTax, make sure you are logging in to the correct state portal.

Rhode Island recently switched to a new tax portal, If your credentials are still for the old site (, you will need to create an account on the new portal, and use those credentials for the filing calendar in AvaTax. Your old credentials will no longer work in AvaTax.

Log in to, create a user name and password, then update the RI filing calendar in AvaTax, and it should work.