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Tax Holidays for Aptos Sales Audit users


How to find, prepare for, and test tax holiday rates if you're an Aptos Sales Audit user.

Delta File Best Practices

General Instructions for verification:

To verify the contents of a delta file for a sales tax holiday:

  1. Open up the file in the zip archive.
  2. Search for the problematic jurisdiction
  3. Verify that there are two records for each tax item group in that jurisdiction.
    • The row with an earlier date should have a tax rate code that is not 1
    • The row with a later date should have a tax rate code that is 1 (generally) to return an item to regular taxability rules.

Columns in

  1. Type of modification (I = Insert, D = delete)
  2. Jurisdiction Code
  3. Tax Item Group ID
  4. Tax Level Id (Generally fixed to 1)
  5. Tax Rate Code 
  6. Effective Starting Date

There are no termination dates for tax item group entries, rates are terminated for an item group when they are moved to a new tax rate code.


As you can see from the highlighted rows:

  • For Tax Item Group 5194 in Jurisdiction AYPB, a taxability rate code of 10 (a threshold rate) effective 8/2/2019,
  • It's then restored to taxability rate code 1 (regular tax) starting 8/5/2019, when the sales tax holiday ends.


Look up tax holidays

Check your AvaTax setup

Test tax holiday calculations ahead of time

  • Execute a future date transaction in your local environment to verify an item impacted by a tax holiday has the right taxability
    • For example, future date a transaction for a valid holiday date in the month of August
  • Use AvaTax's built-in Tax Calculator to check rates on a specific tax date


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