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Why does the Liability Worksheet show the status of 'PendingFilingOnBehalf'?


I'm checking my Liability Worksheet and see that the status is 'PendingFilingOnBehalf'? Was my return filed?



Liability Worksheet

Filing Calendar


The status on the Liability Worksheet will show 'Approved' or Approved on Behalf', however when you click the left arrow to see the details, it may show 'PendingFilingOnBehalf'.


If you look to the far left, you will see the Filing Type listed as 'PaperReturn'.



When the Filing Type is Paper, Avalara does not receive an electronic confirmation that the form has been accepted and therefore the Return Status will list 'PendingFilingOnBehalf'.


Check the Filing Archive to confirm that the return was filed.

   1.  Log into the Admin Console at​.

  1. Click on the Tax Returns tab.
  2. Click on the Filing Archive sub-menu.

  1. Select the company name at the top of the page.
  2. Select the Month and Year you need to review. Alternatively, you can select All to see all months or years.
  3. To restrict results to a state or province, enter the two character state/province abbreviation in the Region.
  4. Click  the  icon to display filtered results.

  1. Click the  icon to download a single return.
  2.  To download multiple files at once check the box to the left of the return(s) and click .

If you are not able to find a specific return, or are not able to download a return that is in the Admin Console, please send a request to including your company name and the month, year, and specific state or form you need. ​