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What are the possible AddressType responses from the AvaTax API?


You would like to know the possible AddressTypes that could be returned by the AvaTax API


Avalara AvaTax - API


  • Address “types” returned with successful Validate requests in the form of  ValidAddress.AddressType properties are interpreted as follows:

    US Addresses 
    Code  Description 
    A     Alias
    F     Firm or Company
    G     General Delivery
    H     Highrise or Business Complex
    P     PO Box
    R     Rural Route
    S     Street or Residential
    Canadian Addresses
    Code  Description
    1     Street
    2     Street Served by Route and GD
    3     Lock Box
    4     Route Service
    5     General Delivery
    B     LVR Street
    C     Government Street
    D     LVR Lock Box
    E     Government Lock Box
    L     LVR General Delivery
    K     Building


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