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What will happen if the customer numbers I have in my accounting software differ from the ones in Avalara CertCapture?


What we have found is that some customer numbers in MAS 90 are different than what is in CertCapture and AvaTax.


Avalara Avatax

Avalara CertCapture


  • If the customer number that you have in your accounting software is different than the number we have in Avalara CertCapture for them, they will not trigger exemption.
  • The customer number is the driving factor of a customer being exempt when the call to our engine is received from your accounting software.
  • The customer code you provide us when making the customer in Avalara CertCapture and mapping a cert to them will need to match the customer code used for invoicing them through your accounting software verbatim for Avalara CertCapture and the Avatax engine to be able to properly calculate no tax for an exempt customer.