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How do I resolve the certificate validation response Error auditing final cert-cust links in CertCapture?


You are trying to validate a certificate stack and have an error indicating it could not be validated which looks like the one below, note, where Name and Your Name is listed, the error actually lists your name as it is listed in your profile:


{Error] CertCapture - Stack Validation Results
Validation Failed 
There were errors validating one or more certificates in this stack. 
Please contact for assistance. 
General Errors: 
Error auditing final cert-cust links: SQLSTATE[42601]: Syntax error: 7 ERROR: syntax error at or near "Name" LINE 3: 'Your Name', ^ QUERY: 
INSERT INTO certificate_histories (certificate_id, account, field, old_value, new_value) 
SELECT DISTINCT tmp_jobs_links.actual_certificate_id, 'Your Name', 'Job', || ':' || jobs.job_number, 
NULL FROM tmp_jobs_links_772169_03132015 AS tmp_jobs_links 
INNER JOIN jobs ON ( = tmp_jobs_links.job_id) WHERE tmp_jobs_links.expected_certificate_id IS NULL AND NOT CONTEXT: PL/pgSQL function audit_job_links(integer[],text) line 81 at EXECUTE statement PL/pgSQL function audit_customer_links(integer[],text,boolean) line 65 at RETURN QUERY 
Warnings: None.


Avalara CertCapture


  • Update your username to remove any special characters:
    • Click on you name > select My Profile > change name > click Update Profile
    • Go to Global Admin > Manage Users > select your user > Assign Companies > check appropriate companies
      • If you are not an admin user, have your admin user do this for you