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How do I associate a Certificate to a Customer in CertCapture?


I would like to know how to associate a Certificate to a Customer in CertCapture.


Avalara CertCapture


  • If the Customer is not set up to be BillTo/ShipTo, you must associate each certificate with the new customers you have uploaded.
  • This can be accomplished one of two ways:
    • Link the Certificate to the Customer:
      • Search and click on the Customer.
      • Click, 'Taxability Info'.
      • Scroll down and click, 'Link Certificate'.  
      • Type the certificate ID # you would like to link, and click 'Link Certificate'.
    • Link the Customer to the Certificate
      • Search and click on the Certificate.
      • Click the 'Customers' tab.
      • Click, 'Link Customer'
      • Search for the customer by name or number and click, 'Link Customer'.

Note: Linking will not automatically Queue an API Resend.  If this is desired you will have to do so manually.  Click Here for further details on how to Queue an API Resend.

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