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Can a certificate be attached via anything other than the customer number?


You want to know if you can link a customer to a certificate via something other than the customer code, such as customer name, or customer account number.


Avalara Certs

Avalara CertCapture


  • Certificates are linked to customer based on the customer number that you attach to the certificate in Validation
    • The customer number is created by you, it should be entered to match that same field as is listed in your accounting system for reconciliation purposes
    • For Avalara AvaTax customers:
      • Avalara AvaTax makes sales exempt using your certificates only if the customer number on the transaction is the same as the certificate customer number, therefore it must match your accounting system customer number
      • You can attach a PO Number or Invoice to a Single Use certificate so it is used only certain sales, the customer number must also match





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