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Avalara Connector for Salesforce CPQ Release Notes Archive

This article applies to:Connector for Salesforce CPQ

Connector for Salesforce CPQ (2018 releases)

March 30, 2018

Release 1.2.2  


  • Expanded multi-entity feature to support more than 15 companies


  • Fixed an issue with address validation requests, now if there is an error we display only the error without blank address fields
  • Fixed an issue where Quotes were being posted to AvaTax as Uncommitted Sales Invoice transactions, they are no longer being posted

February 13, 2018

Release 1.2.1  


  • Improved messages displayed when a company that's missing address details is selected from the available company list

January 2, 2018

Release 1.2


  • Added automatic tax calculation functionality on quotes
  • Added tax calculation functionality for Order Management and Advance Order Management
  • Added address validation functionality for Order Management and Advance Order Management
  • Added tax status and AvaTax message fields on quotes and orders
  • Added the ability to disable saving transactions to AvaTax for Order Management and Advance Order Management


  • Improved lighting experience in Salesforce CPQ


  • Fixed issue where company codes were duplicated every time Test Connection was clicked

Connector for Salesforce CPQ (2017 releases)

November 4, 2017

Release 1.1.1


  • Resolved error with displaying the Multiple Entity Company list

October 24, 2017

Release 1.1

  • Added field length restrictions in Custom Settings. The State field is now restricted to 3 characters and the Country field is restricted to 2 characters   

July 18, 2017

Release 1.0

  • Connector for Salesforce CPQ
  • Validate addresses to ensure that the address is formatted correctly for AvaTax to calculate accurate sales tax 
  • Exempt customers from sales tax using exemption certificate numbers and entity/use codes at the account level 
  • Calculate sales tax on a transaction using the shipping or billing address in the quote. If these addresses aren't available, AvaTax uses the account's shipping or billing address for sales tax calculation.
  • Calculate sales tax on a transaction without committing it in AvaTax
  • Manage item taxability using Avalara tax codes
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