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Connect Salesforce B2C Commerce QuickStart to AvaTax

After you create your initial company profile, the next step is to connect your business application or system to AvaTax through an integration, software that enables the flow of transactions to AvaTax.  

Before you begin

You must be an administrator to connect your business application to AvaTax. Ask the person that manages your business application if you need help.


  1. Get your license key.
    Check your email for a license key or create one now.
  2. Install Connector for Salesforce B2C Commerce QuickStart
    Install the integration software.
  3. Establish a connection between Salesforce B2C Commerce QuickStart and AvaTax.
    Enter your account information to start transactions flowing to AvaTax for tax calculation.
  4. View responses from AvaTax to set up recurring scripts.
    Automate AvaTax functions by setting up recurring scripts in Salesforce B2C Commerce QuickStart.