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Configure Multi-Tax

This article applies to:Connector for NetSuite SuiteTax

You can simultaneously create multiple tax codes for multiple tax types and map them to the required nexuses.  

Before you begin

Make sure you have subscribed for a tax type from your AvaTax account that you want to use for multi-tax configuration. You can only create tax codes for the tax types that you have subscribed to in your AvaTax account. 


  1. In NetSuite SuiteTax, go to Avalara > Setup> Configure Multi-Tax
  2. Select a country from the Country list to view associated nexuses.
  3. Select the Tax Types values and select Next
  4. Select a value in the Payables Account and Receivables Account list for each nexus you want to configure. 
  5. Select Save.

After you save your changes on the Multi Tax Configuration page, the connector automatically performs the following tasks: 

  • Creates a new tax type record on the Setup > Tax > Tax Types page.  
  • Creates a new tax code record on the Setup> Tax > Tax Codes page. 
  • Assigns a tax code in the Other Taxes and Fees section of the selected nexuses.



    The Connector for NetSuite SuiteTax doesn’t override a tax code manually selected by you in the Other Taxes and Fees section.  

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