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Check the status of a CertCapture exemption certificate request in NetSuite

This article applies to:Connector for NetSuite

After you request an exemption certificate from a customer, check the status of your request.


  1. In NetSuite, go to Lists > Relationships > Customers, and then select Edit next to the customer from whom you'd like to request an exemption certificate.
  2. On the Customer page, select the Address tab:
    1. To check the status of your certificate request, select Retrieve Certificate Status. The current stage of the request, displayed under Request Stage, shows "Request Initiated".


      The Request Stage can be one of the following options:

      • Request Initiated: You've sent the email, fax, or letter to the customer

      • Customer Responded: The customer has received an exemption certificate request and has responded to it by entering the wizard, but they haven't faxed the certificate

      • Certificate Received: The customer has faxed the certificate to CertCapture

      The Request Status can be Open or Closed.

    2. Select Email to generate the exemption certificate. Once the Request Stage shows "Customer Responded," proceed with the next step.


    3. Select Email again to complete the generation of the exemption certificate.
    4. Select Retrieve Certificate(s) Status. Once the certificate is complete, the Request Stage shows "Certificate Received."


    5. Select Retrieve Certificate. Select the exemption certificate, and then select Get Certificate. Download the exemption certificate in either .PNG or .PDF format.


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