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Assign many customers to the AvaTax tax schedule in Microsoft Dynamics GP

This article applies to:Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Assign customers to the AvaTax tax schedule so Microsoft Dynamics GP knows to use AvaTax to calculate tax for those customers. You may have already selected the AvaTax tax schedule for your customers during when you connected Microsoft Dynamics GP to AvaTax.

The steps are different if you need to assign only one customer.


  1. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Utilities > Avalara Avatax > Update > Tax Schedule Update.
  2. Select the search icon next to Tax Schedule ID, and then select a tax schedule based on your preferences:
    • If you want sales tax for all taxable states to be in one general ledger (GL) account, select AVATAX.
    • If you want to select a different GL account for each state, select AVATAX-M.
  3. Next to Card Type, choose which ID type to select by:
    • Master Records: Select to assign by individual customer IDs.
    • Classes: Select to assign by groups you've already created and added customers to.
  4. Next to Content Type, select Customer. Choose a different option if you want to select vendors, items, or company sites instead.
  5. Next to Country, select a country for whose customers you want to use AvaTax as the standard way to calculate sales tax. If both US and USA are listed next to Country, run the utility once for each of them.
  6. Set the following options as appropriate:
    • Update all child records associated with master records: Select to ensure the utility updates all ship-to records for each customer master record. If you don't select this, the utility only updates the primary address for each customer master record.
    • From ID - To ID: Select a range of customers by ID to whom you want to assign AvaTax as the standard way to calculate sales tax. The utility performs best if you only assign AvaTax to 1,000 customers at a time.
    • State From - State To: If you only want to use AvaTax to calculate tax for customers who fit the other criteria and have addresses in particular states, choose those states. Most customers don't use this option.
  7. Select Update to apply changes.
  8. When you see "Are you sure you want to continue mass update of the tax schedule?" select Yes.
  9. In the Report Destination dialog box, under Report Type, select Screen, and then select OK.
  10. In the Screen Output - AVA Tax Update Results report, review the list of records to make sure they're the ones you wanted to update.