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Install and Configure Connector for Kibo eCommerce

This article applies to:Connector for Kibo

After you activate AvaTax and set up your company profile, install and configure the connector for your business application. During configuration, customize your setup to fit your unique business needs for things like:

  • Tax calculation settings for various tax types
  • Exemption settings if you have exempt customers
  • Product taxability settings

Alter these settings when your business needs change.

If you've previously installed the integration, learn how to upgrade to the latest version.

Download and install the AvaTax integration for Kibo eCommerce

To connect your Kibo eCommerce to AvaTax, download and install Avalara Connector. 

  1. Log in to Kibo eCommerce and go to the marketplace.
  2. Search for Avalara, and then click the app. The app's description page opens.
  3. Click 1-Click Install.
  4. Select the tenant for which you want to install Connector, and then click Install. A success page opens when the installation is complete.
  5. Click Configure App and continue immediately to configuration.

Configure AvaTax for your accounting software

To configure Connector for Kibo eCommerce:

  1. Click Configure Application. The Configuration Application window opens.
  2. On the Account tab, fill in all of the fields, and then click Test Account.
  3. On the Company Codes tab, select the company code to use for the tenant, and then click Verify Company Codes. The Company Code list is populated by companies you created in AvaTax.
  4. On the Tax Codes tab, fill in the following:
    Field Action
    Shipping Taxcode Enter your default shipping tax code. The pre-populated default is FR020100.
    Handling Fee Taxcode Enter your default handling fee tax code. The pre-populated default is OH010000.
    Product Tax Codes
    • To add new tax codes manually, enter the tax code and description, and then click Add.
    • To import a spreadsheet with multiple tax codes, click Import.
  5. On the Map Attributes tab, if applicable to your business, select your BIN and jurisdiction code attributes.
  6. Click Save, and then close the Configuration Application window.
  7. Under Configure Application, click countries in the list to select or remove them from the list of countries for which you want AvaTax to validate addresses. The countries for which addresses are validated display on line above the list.
  8. Click Applications, under TaxCalculator click the row for the tenant for which you installed AvaTax, and then, on the page that opens, click the Enable Application slider. 
  9. Click Applications, under AddressValidator click the row for the tenant for which you installed AvaTax, and then, on the page that opens, click the Enable Application slider.
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