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Avalara Connector for Salesforce Brazil B2B Commerce Release Notes

Read the release notes to learn about the new features, latest changes, improvements, and fixes to Connector for Salesforce Brazil B2B Lightning.

March 4, 2022

Release v0.1 (beta)   [Release notes from development]

What's New

Avalara’s Connector for Salesforce Brazil B2B Lightning brings you the capability to calculate accurate sales tax for goods transactions on the Salesforce Brazil B2B platform.
The connector also comes with the following features:

  • Sellers can configure the taxation policy for transactions
  • B2B customers have an option to add the Use Type field in their custom store theme. They can also set up and modify the Use Type for products at Salesforce administrator and storefront levels
  • If added, all customers can change Use Type at the product level in the shopping cart 
  • Orders and invoices display tax breakup for the included, added, and subtracted taxes as applicable
  • System integration document

To get started with Connector for Salesforce Brazil B2B Lightning, download and install the latest version of the connector. Learn more

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