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Enable processing of uncollectible event

This article applies to:Connector for Stripe Invoicing

AvaTax updates the transactions as ‘void’ if they are marked ‘uncollectible’ in Stripe. To void the uncollectible transactions in AvaTax automatically, subscribe to the ‘invoice.marked_uncollectible’ event. 

  • When a transaction is marked as ‘uncollectible’ in stripe, the same transaction will be automatically marked as ‘void’ in AvaTax.
  • When a transaction is marked as ‘uncollectible’ after the return cycle in AvaTax in which it has been considered, it will not be marked as void automatically. In this case, it has to be manually adjusted by creating a return transaction.
  • When the transaction status is changed from ‘uncollectible’ to ‘paid’, it will be marked as committed in AvaTax. This requires the ‘Tax calculation on charge’ setting to be enabled in the connector configuration settings.

To add the  ‘invoice.marked_uncollectible’ event to the webhook, follow the steps:


  1. Go to the Stripe dashboard.
  2. On the dashboard, select the Developers menu.
  3. On the left panel, under Developers, select Webhooks.
  4. On the Webhooks page, under Hosted endpoints, select the Avalara connectors' endpoint.
  5. On the Webhook details page, select more options, and then select Update details...
    Screenshot 2022-02-16 at 4.41.27 PM.png
  6. On the Edit webhook endpoint Events to send, select the invoice.mark_uncollectible event.
  7. Select Update endpoint.



To avoid any discrepancies in the transaction, make sure that either native code or Avalara handled event is enabled at a time. 

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