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Install the Connector for Salesforce B2C Commerce SFRA cartridges

After you activate your company profile in AvaTax, download Connector for Salesforce B2C Commerce SFRA (the AvaTax cartridges) from the Salesforce link exchange. For additional details, see the AvaTax Integration: Storefront Reference Architecture guide.


  1. Download and import the Connector for Salesforce B2C Commerce SFRA cartridges:
    1. Find and download the AvaTax for Salesforce B2C Commerce cartridges from the Salesforce link exchange.
    2. In UXStudio, go to File > Import > General > Existing Projects.
    3. Browse to the directory where you saved the bm_avatax, int_avatax_sfra, and the int_avatax_svcclient cartridges, select them, and then select Finish.
    4. When prompted to link the cartridges to the Salesforce sandbox, select OK.
    5. In Business Manager, go to Administration > Manage Sites.
    6. Make sure the name for the int_avatax_sfra cartridge appears before app_storefront_base.
  2. Import metadata:
    1. In Business Manager, go to Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export.
    2. Under Import & Export, select Upload, find the file (located in the metadata folder), and then select Upload.
    3. Select the file and then select Import.
  3. Configure the AvaTax Reconciliation utility:
    1. In Business Manager, go to Administration > Sites > Manage Sites – Settings and add the bm_avatax cartridge.
    2. Go to Administration > Organization > Roles & Permissions and select the roles that are to have access to AvaTax features and functions.
    3. Go to the Business Manager Modules section, select the context for the site or organization, and select Apply.
    4. In the list of Business Manager modules that display, select AvaTax and then select Update.
      The new AvaTax module and its menu items appear under Merchant Tools.