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Disconnect Avalara AvaTax from QuickBooks Online

This article applies to:Connector for QuickBooks Online

After you activate your company profile in AvaTax, install the Avalara Connector and connect QuickBooks Online to AvaTax.

Before you begin

You must have Master Admin and Company Admin access to install and configure Avalara Connector for QuickBooks Online.

Install Avalara Connector


  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online, and go to Apps.
  2. On the Find Apps page, type avalara in the search box.

    The Avalara AvaTax appears in the search list.
  3. Click Avalara AvaTax to open app Overview.
  4. On the Overview page, click Get app now.
  5. On the Avalara-QBO connect page, click Connect.

    Note: By clicking Connect, you give AvaTax permission to access the information in your QuickBooks Online account.
  6. On the Avalara AvaTax for QuickBooks Online page, click AvaTax Signin.

    The sign-in page is displayed.

Connect QuickBooks Online to Avalara AvaTax


  1. Sign in by using your AvaTax account.
  2. On the Manage your integration page, select the AvaTax connector settings block.

    The QuickBooks Connector Settings page is displayed.

  3. Under Avalara account, go to Avalara Company, and select the company you want to link to AvaTax.
  4. Under Integration Settings:
    • Address Validation is selected by default. Leave this selected unless you don't want AvaTax to validate addresses.
      AvaTax validates addresses for customer records created in the previous 30 days.
    • Select whether to send exempt customer transactions to AvaTax for tax calculation.
      • All Customers is selected by default. When selected, QuickBooks Online sends all transactions to AvaTax for tax calculation. AvaTax exempts customers designated as exempt.
      • Select Only Taxable Customers if you want QuickBooks Online to send transactions of taxable customers only. No exempt customer transactions are sent to AvaTax.
    • Sales Tax is selected as the Sales Tax Item and cannot be changed.
    • Schedule Start Date for AvaTax Calculation gives you an option to tune AvaTax for calculating tax and performing reconciliation on QuickBooks Online transactions.
      • If you want that transactions done on and after a certain date should only be taxed and reconciled, enter a date.
      • If you want that all transactions should be considered for tax calculation and reconciliation, leave this option.
  5. Select Save.

    A message confirms that your settings are saved.
  6. Select Return.
  7. Select Go back to QuickBooks to return to QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online is now connected to AvaTax and ready to send transactions for tax calculation. To further customize the way QuickBooks Online interacts with AvaTax, see Connector settings for QuickBooks Online

Disconnect Avalara AvaTax


  1. Go to My Apps, and locate the Avalara AvaTax app.
  2. Select the drop-down icon next to the Launch button.
  3. Select Disconnect.