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Connector for QuickBooks Online Release Notes Archive

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Connector for QuickBooks Online (2019 releases)

August 12, 2019

Release 17.3  

Note: Release 17.3 rolls up the hotfixes of release 17.2.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Something went wrong" error to display when using a rate type of Services for some locations

June 24, 2019

Release 17.1 


  • Connector for QuickBooks Online now does a better job parsing addresses entered directly into an invoice


  • Fixed the issue that caused tax calculation to fail when the country was not included in the shipping address
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Estimate Tax button to continue to display when AvaTax was disconnected
  • Fixed an issue that caused the class to be deleted after sales tax calculation
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Something went wrong" error message to display for address errors

May 28, 2019 

Release 17.0 


  • Connector for QuickBooks Online now uses OAuth 2.0 for authorization tokens with Intuit services.

April 24, 2019

Release 16.2 


  • Created a workaround for an issue in QuickBooks Online. You can now do real-time calculations in the backend so those calculations can be saved.

Connector for QuickBooks Online (2018 releases)

December 6, 2018

Release 16.1  


  • You no longer need to select a company during setup if there's only one company in the account.


  • Fixed the issue where special characters in the item description field in QuickBooks Online displayed as apostrophes in AvaTax.
  • Fixed the issue that caused negative quantities and amounts on credit memos to be show as positive in AvaTax.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the "Input string was not in a correct format" error when a credit memo was created.

October 28, 2018

Release 16.0  


  • Added support for ReportingLocations
  • Added the ability to integrate Connector for QuickBooks Online via QuickBooks Online Accountant both for firms and on behalf of clients.

September 11, 2018

Release 15.0  


  • Improved user interface and experience
  • Added a success message after integrating the connector for the first time
  • Updated purchase flow for new customers
  • Added the ability to sign up for an AvaTax account via
  • Improvements to performance


  • Fixed the "Product & Service not selected!" error for accounts whose having more than 15k line items
  • Fixed the "Product or service Item Description" error thrown when a line item created on the fly
  • Fixed an issue that where tax jurisdictions enabled in the Nexus/"Where do you collect taxes" page were not reflecting what was set in AvaTaxFixed an issue in which the customer, display, or project name was being inserted into the address field
    • Fixed an issue in which address validations would occasionally fail when an addressee is on line 1 and/or 2
    • Fixed an issue in which the incorrect tax amount in some case when display name is added to the address field
    • Fixed an issue in which the sales tax calculation may be delayed after an address change

June 28, 2018

Release 14.2  


  • Made some performance improvements on back end processing services (i.e. imported transactions).


  • Fixed an issue where transactions with over 55 lines were not processing.
  • Fixed an issue where some transactions would receive tax, but would not post to AvaTax.
  • Fixed an issue in which some imported transactions were not calculating tax.
  • Fixed an issue where imported transactions are were no longer posting to AvaTax.

May 3, 2018

Release 14.1  


  • Improved security for http and https access


  • Fixed an issue that resulting in an "object reference not set" error message when an invalid tax id was received.
  • Fixed an issue when retrieving nexus resulting in an "Error occurred while fetching nexus please review the activity info" message.

March 6, 2018

Release 13.0  


  • Customer addresses created more than 6 days ago won't be automatically validated
  • Improved error messages for address errors
  • Improved stability and performance
  • Improved the new customer purchase flow


  • Fixed an issue where using a negative quantity and amount resulted in a positive charge in AvaTax
  • Fixed an issue where transactions that were voided or deleted weren't updated properly in AvaTax

Connector for QuickBooks Online (2017 releases)

September 5, 2017

Release 12.3


  • Minor enhancements and fixes

August 8, 2017

Release 12.2

  • Minor enhancements and fixes

April 13, 2017

Release 12.1

  • You can now add quantity in decimal format
  • Fixed the issue where the sales tax was automatically recalculated for invoices that were created more than a month ago.

March 23, 2017

Release 12.0

February 9, 2017

Release 11.1


  • Minor enhancements and fixes
  • Fixed the issue where the sales tax was automatically recalculated for invoices that were created more than a year ago. For such invoices, you can still update and recalculate sales tax from the QuickBooks Online user interface.

Connector for QuickBooks Online (2016 releases)

December 6, 2016

Release ​11.0

  • The line-level service date is now considered as the tax override date for credit memo and refund receipt transactions
  • Fixed the issue where sales tax wasn't calculated on a document when Bundle Items was selected for Product/Service

October 19, 2016

Release 10.1


  • Minor enhancements and fixes

October 19, 2016

Release 10.1


  • Minor enhancements and fixes

June 30, 2016

Release ​10.0

  • You can now calculate sales tax on partially or fully paid invoices
  • View Activity button is temporarily disabled on your QuickBooks Online homepage

May 23, 2016

Release 9.0


  • Fixed the issue where temporary documents with Status as Uncommitted and DocCodes ending with "$New" were created
  • Fixed the issue where tax wasn't properly calculated for transactions that were either recurring or imported in bulk

April 18, 2016

Release 8.0


  • Internal improvements and fixes

February 29, 2016

Release 7.1


  • You can now add a subtotal item to an invoice or an estimate transaction. While calculating sales tax, AvaTax does not consider the subtotal item


  • Fixed the "Product & Service not selected! Message :: Product/Service should be selected for each line item" error that occurred during the sales tax calculation for a transaction after the addition of a new item from the user interface 

January 5, 2016

Release ​7.0

  • Revised rate plans for Connector for QuickBooks Online
  • Fixed the error where AvaTax buttons were visible to non-AvaTax customers

Connector for QuickBooks Online (2015 releases)

December 3, 2015

Release 6.1


  • Fixed an issue with nexus jurisdiction functionality on the On-Demand Nexus page
  • Fixed issues with the creation of a trial account
  • Fixed issues with activity logs

November 19, 2015

Release ​6.0

  • Added the View Activity button. Click to view the error log generated during tax calculation using Connector for QuickBooks Online. You will no longer receive an error log email notification.
  • You can now create an account or a company without providing your Tax Identification Number (TIN) 
  • Improved user experience. You will now see a "Loading" message in place of the Estimate Tax button to let you know that the AvaTax service is preparing for the tax calculation process 
  • The item code in AvaTax now displays the code in the parent category: category format for the corresponding Product/Service information in QuickBooks Online

27 October, 2015

Release 5.1


  • Under Administrative Options, you can now change the Integration Status by choosing one of the radio buttons, Active or Down, instead of the toggle button. The default Integration Status is now set to Active


  • Fixed the issue with displaying the list of possible nexus locations on the Nexus page

29 September, 2015

Release ​5.0

  • You can now calculate sales tax on credit memos and refund receipts
  • Improved self provisioning provides you with a list of suggested countries/states for nexusHoverTT.png. You can select and set nexus in more than one jurisdiction for a company

30 July, 2015

Release 4.0


  • In an invoice, the sales tax is now calculated only for lines selected as taxable. The rest of the lines are sent to AvaTax as NT (non-taxable). If none of the lines are marked as taxable, then the entire invoice is marked as non-taxable and the tax amount is zero.
  • Document code: The Document Code, displayed on the AvaTax Transaction Listpage, is a combination of the QuickBooks Online account unique number, the transaction type, and the invoice number. The QuickBooks Online Invoice number is displayed as the Reference code on the AvaTax Transaction Details page
  • Void a transaction: The status of a voided transaction in QuickBooks Online now reflects in AvaTax
  • Delete a transaction: Deleted transactions are now removed from AvaTax
  • The following functionality will be visible after Intuit publishes them in their host system:
    • Real-time calculation: Tax is calculated in real-time. You do not need to refresh the user interface to view the tax details.
    • Estimate Tax button: On the Transaction page, click the Estimate Tax button to calculate tax. This button is available for both new users accessing AvaTax from their QuickBooks Online account from the market place app and for existing integrated users.

May 29, 2015

Release 3.2


  • Fixed an error that occurred during the QuickBooks Online integration with Connector for QuickBooks Online

February 16, 2015

Release 2.7


  • Fixed an issue where non-taxable customers had a tax amount of $0 listed
  • Fixed an issue were the address in AvaTax did not match the address details from QuickBooks Online because the address details changed during the tax calculation process

January 15, 2015

Release ​2.6

  • Fixed an issue where notes in the customer card were overwritten after validating the customer addressHoverTT.png
  • Fixed an issue where the tax was recalculated for partially-paid invoices

January 13, 2015

Release ​2.5

  • Fixed an issue where tax was calculated on bill-to address if there was an invalid ship-to address. The bill-to address will be used for tax calculation only if the ship-to address is missing. For invalid ship-to address, you will now receive an error notification email

Connector for QuickBooks Online (2014 releases)

December 22, 2014

Release ​2.4

  • Fixed an issue where the tax details were deleted when the invoice was paid
  • Fixed an issue where the tax was recalculated for paid invoices

December 11, 2014

Release 2.3

  • Fixed an issue with the customer name in the address details displayed on the Invoice/Estimate/Sales receipt after tax calculation

December 2, 2014

Release ​2.2

  • Fixed an address validationHoverTT.png error caused by a comma in the title or address of a customer.
  • Fixed a problem with the authorization process where you had to repetitively click the Connect to QuickBooks button.
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