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Configure Avalara AvaTax for tax options

Before you begin

  • You must have created one or more stores at BigCommerce.
  • You must have installed Avalara Connector.


  1. After you have installed Avalara Connector, go to the Tax page.

    (In the navigation pane of BigCommerce, click Store Setup > Tax.)
  2. Under Configured tax services, click Edit next to Avalara AvaTax.
  3. The Tax page displays the following details:
    • The Avalara account to which Avalara AvaTax is associated.
    • Default values of the following codes appear under Tax options.
      • Gift Wrapping Code

      • Handling Code

      • Shipping Code

      • Default Taxable Code

        The populated default values are implemented to those products that are not associated with a specific tax code.

  4. If you want to associate Avalara AvaTax with a different account, click Update connection and follow the instructions.
  5.  If you want to test whether the connection is appropriate, click Test connection.
  6. Under Tax options, select the Please submit my order data so that I can use solution tax reporting and returns features check box to enable AvaTax to perform tax calculations and store transaction records.

    If not selected, AvaTax will still calculate tax on transactions but will not store the records.
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