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Set up and Use Avalara Extractor for Amazon

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This page was for an older version of Extractor for Amazon.

Haven't opted in to the newest version yet? Use the link we sent you in email to opt in and get access to the latest features.

Continue to the documentation for the current version of Extractor for Amazon

Error notification and resolution is one area in which we've made improvements with the latest version of Extractor for Amazon. If you want to resolve errors on current transactions before opting in to the new version, use the information that follows.

Find and fix transactions imported by Extractor with errors

Sometimes there are errors during the daily Extractor sync. Until you repair them, they won't be shown with other transactions on the Transactions page or included in reports or returns.

Error notifications

If there are errors to be resolved, you're notified in Avalara at Settings > Integrations. A yellow outline displays on the tile for the connection that had the errors, and a Generate a New Error File button is available after you've selected Error Files.

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The yellow outline only indicates that there are new transactions with errors since the last error file was generated. No yellow outline does not mean there are no errors.

A connection with new errors

A connection without new errors

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  1. In Avalara, go to Settings > Integrations.
  2. Locate your business application or online marketplace with errors and select Error Files.
    The tile expands to show you a button to create a new file and links to download previously created files.
  3. Select Generate a New Error File to generate a .csv file of all errors that aren't in previously created files.

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    Refresh the page if the error file isn't available to download after 30 seconds.
  4. Download and open the spreadsheet.
  5. Fix the errors described in the final column, delete the final column from the spreadsheet, and then save the file.
  6. In Avalara, go to Transactions > Import Transactions.
  7. Drag and drop the import file into the import area.
    Transactions in Avalara are updated with the new information in the spreadsheet, and fixed transactions now appear on the Transactions page.

Errors and resolutions

Error Resolution

Tax override cannot be applied

Nexus is not configured for (State or Region name)

Review Nexus settings for where you're collecting tax.

This also happens when:

  1. An Item Code is mapped to a Tax Code that isn't taxable
  2. The target state doesn't have a state tax
JAAS address validation exception

There's a problem with the addresses involved in the transaction. Check the addresses and make any needed corrections.

Test an address in the Tax Calculator or look up the address with the United States Postal Service.

Example issue: Address Line 1 contains a company name instead of the correct street information.

Invalid or missing State/Province Make sure the address has a state or province and that it's spelled correctly
The city could not be determined Make sure the address has a city and that it's spelled correctly
The address value was incomplete

Avalara needs one of the following to properly calculate tax on an address:

  1. A zip/postal code
  2. Street address, city, and region
  3. Street address and zip/postal code

The address number is out of range

Address not geocoded

Unable to determine the taxing jurisdictions

Invalid Zip/Postal code

Tax calculation cannot be determined. Zip is not valid for the state

Make sure the address number is correct.

Look up the address with USPS and use the most accurate Zip code available.

If the address is for new construction and hasn't been added to the USPS system, use General Delivery on Address Line 2 until the address is available.

Field 'postalCode' has an invalid length

Check the field for errors and typos.

Look up the address with USPS and use the most accurate Zip code available.


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