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Intuit Extractor FAQ

Intuit Extractor FAQ 

We currently have official integrations that are built and maintained by Avalara with Shopify, Walmart, Amazon, BigCommerce, etc. For list of all Avalara extractors, click here.

How does the QBO or QBO extractor work? 

  • The QBO or QBD Extractor pulls in all transactional data from your QuickBooks online or QuickBooks Desktop account directly into AvaTax.  
  • Once transactions are in AvaTax you can use either our Returns for Small Business Product or our Managed Returns Service to start filing your return 
  • There is no need to manually upload these transactions into AvaTax using a CSV file. 

What types of transactions are imported into AvaTax for your Returns Service? 

  • All Sales Orders and Sales Invoice transactions that are completed irrespective of accounting type – accrual or cash based.  

What about sales transactions that did not get originated from QuickBooks but from a different marketplace but are part of my QBO or QBD transactional data set. 

  • The extractor will pull all transactions into AvaTax irrespective of the original source. It is recommended to remove [uncommit] these transactions from AvaTax once retrieved to avoid filing issues. (You can make it easier to find these transactions by setting the Invoice numbers of these sales in a different range than other sales so you can filter for them).

Please click here to find out more about our different types of returns services Avalara offers such as Managed Returns and Returns for Small Business

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