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Reconcile Transaction Data

This article applies to:Connector for Workday

Use the Reconciliation utility to reconcile transaction data between Workday and AvaTax. Click this link to know What Is Reconciliation?


  1. In the search bar, type Launch and then select the Launch / Schedule Integration link.
  2. On the Launch / Schedule Integration page, type Avalara and select Avalara Reconciliation from the list.
  3. Click OK to run the Reconciliation utility.
  4. On the Schedule an Integration page, enter the following details:
    Attributes Descriptions
    Company It lets you to select the preferred company.
    FromDate It lets you select a start date.
    ToDate It lets you select an end date.
    InvoiceType It lets you select the InvoiceType as Customer or Supplier.
    Customer It lets you select the preferred / specific customer. It is an optional field.
    Supplier It lets you select the preferred / specific supplier. It is an optional field.
  5. Click OK to redirect to the View Background Process page.
  6. Click the Refresh button to change the Status from Processing to Completed.
  7. Click the Messages option to view the Process Messages of Avalara Reconciliation.
  8. Click the Output Files. Under Reports and Other Output Files you can view the Avalara Reconciliation report in .csv format.
  9. To view the generated reconciliation report, click the ReconciliationReport.csv link and download the file.

Note: If the reconciliation process detects any errors in the invoice, the Avalara Reconciliation status displays an error message as Completed with Errors on the View Background Process page.

Note: Type of messages shown in reconciliation report.excel after reconciliation utility executed successfully.

  • Reconciliation Data Matches: Data has been reconciled / matched between AvaTax and Workday.
  • Total Tax Amount MisMatch: AvaTax and Workday have some mismatch in Avalara_Total_Tax and Workday_Total_Tax.
  • Invoice XXXX Not Found in the Avalara Dashboard: Invoice not found in mapped AvaTax account.
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