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Map Salesforce Sales Cloud Fields to AvaTax Fields

Use AvaTax Mapper Studio to easily map Salesforce Sales Cloud fields to AvaTax fields.

Find more information about the AvaTax fields in the API reference on the Avalara Developer site.

Map Salesforce Sales Cloud fields to AvaTax fields

  1. In Salesforce Sales Cloud, click Setup, and then in the search field, type "installed packages."
  2. Click Installed Packages, and then click Configure, next to AvaTax for SF Sales Cloud.
  3. On the Advanced Settings tab, click Launch Mapper Studio.
  4. Click the integration category you want to map:
    • AddressValidation: Fields used when validating addresses
    •  TaxCalculation: Fields used when calculating tax
    • CancelTaxCalculation: Fields used when refunding or cancelling invoices
  5. Under Integration Points, click the integration point you want to map. The following display to the right:
    • The Salesforce Sales Cloud fields, which display in the left hand table and include both native Salesforce Sales Cloud fields and custom fields you've added.
    • The AvaTax fields, which display in the right hand table.
    • Arrows that show which Salesforce Sales Cloud fields are currently mapped to which AvaTax fields.
  6. To remove a current mapping, click the arrow that indicated that mapping.
  7. To add a mapping, click the Salesforce Sales Cloud field name, and then click the name of the AvaTax field to which it should map.
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