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Sage Sales Tax for Sage 300 2014 Hotfix Powered by Avalara AvaTax Release Notes

Read older release notes to learn about the previous additions, changes, and fixes to AvaTax for Sage 300 2014. For more detailed information about AvaTax for Sage 300, see the AvaTax for Sage 300 guide.

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April 11, 2017

AvaTax for Sage 300 2014 release


  • Fixed the "This is a duplicate of an existing Document with unique index and cannot be saved" error that occurred while trying to post edited AR transactions

December 1, 2015

  • Avalara release
  • Removed the Tax Only Adjustment functionality

June 8, 2015

  • Avalara release
  • Fixed an issue with the quantity of partially shipped orders. You will now be able to zero the remaining quantity of partially shipped orders and continue with the order processing

May 12, 2015

  • Avalara release
  • Fixed the latency issue experienced during the batch processing of recurring charges invoices in accounts receivables

April 28, 2015

  • Avalara release
  • Fixed an issue where a blank location code for non-stock items generated an address error during tax calculation

March 5, 2015

  • Avalara release
  • Fixed the ‘Posting failed’ error when posting partial shipment invoices in AvaTax for Sage 300

February 13, 2015

  • Avalara release
  • Fixed the issue where Sales Tax Adjustment was applied for all the miscellaneous items if Tax Only Adjustment is enabled in the AvaTax Options. Now, Sales Tax Adjustment is applied only for STADJ item if the Tax Only Adjustment is enabled.
  • February 6, 2015

  • Avalara release
  • Fixed the ‘Posting failed’ error when posting invoices in AvaTax
  • You can now see a warning message if the user’s credit exceeds the allotted limit
  • You can now generate orders through Sage CRM
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