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Download sales tax holiday content from AvaTax for offline usage

A sales tax holiday is a short-term exemption from sales tax on specific products. During the sales tax holiday, customers can purchase items tax-free. States periodically offer one-time sales tax holidays. You must download the tax rates based on the sales tax holidays just to ensure that you get the right charges even if the POS goes offline or if the AvaTax services are unavailable. In the offline mode, the downloaded content helps POS to calculate accurate charges. 

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce provides you a way to create and execute batch jobs to download the tax rates from AvaTax. You can create batch jobs to download the tax rate daily or create batch jobs to download the tax rates as per tax holiday schedules.

Before you begin

Make sure that you have the following before you download the sales tax holiday content:

  • Avalara uses the Avalara tax code to determine which products or services are eligible for a sales tax holiday, so make sure that you have your items mapped to the correct tax code.

  • If your company has set up custom tax rules in the past, check your custom tax rules (or change them as needed) in case a qualifying tax code is set to another rate.


  1. Log in to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce(HQ).
  2. In the left pane, under Modules, select Avalara AvaTax.
  3. Expand Setup and then select Setup the AvaTax connector.
  4. On the Setup AvaTax connector page, select Retail setting.  
  5. On the Retail tab, expand Fetch Tax Rates and Item Tax Codes tab.
  6. Select Fetch tax rates.
  7. On the Fetch tax rates page, perform the following: 
    1. Select Run in the background from the drop-down list.
    2. Turn on the Batch processing option.
    3. Add the task description. 
  8. Select Recurrence.
    The Define recurrence page displays.
  9. On the Define recurrence page, provide the following details:
    Start date Select the start date.
    Start time Specify the time when you want the batch job to run.
    Time zone Select the time zone.
    NO END DATE Select this option if you want to run the batch job indefinitely.
    END AFTER Provide the number of times the batch job should run.
    END BY Select the date by when the batch job should end.
    RECURRENCE PATTERN Select a frequency: Minutes, Hours, Day, Week, Month, Year.
  10. Select OK.