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Map the items you sell to Avalara tax codes in AvaTax Update for QuickBooks Desktop

Some products—such as clothing, food, software, medical supplies, software subscriptions, and freight—are taxed differently depending on where they're sold. To manage varying taxability, map the items you sell to Avalara tax codes, codes that identify which tax rules to apply to specific items. Items that aren't mapped to tax codes are taxed as if they are tangible personal property—at the standard rate for each jurisdiction.  

Before you begin

See the guidelines for mapping items to tax codes if you aren't sure whether to map items in your business application or AvaTax Update. 


  1. In QuickBooks Desktop, go to File > AvaTax > Preferences.
  2. Select Taxability > Tax Codes and complete the following:
    1. Select All from the Item Type list.
    2. Select the item you want to map from the Item Name list.
    3. Enter the Avalara tax code in the Tax Code field. 
  3. Select Add and then select OK.

You can also map shipping items to tax codes. For more information, see map a shipping term to a tax code in QuickBooks Desktop

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