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Determining Local Tax Due for Home Rule States in TrustFile

This article applies to:TrustFile


You need to file returns in locally-administered jurisdictions in AL, CO, or LA and need to determine how much tax you owe in each jurisdiction.


TrustFile does not currently support preparing or filing locally-administered sales tax in home rule states. You'll know if a state has this locally administered tax because you'll see the following message on the state's Review & File screen. 

Local tax.PNG


If you do need to file the local returns, you can find the local breakdown on this same page. On the top left of the page you'll see the total amount of local tax that will not be included on the state return:

Local Tax not Included.PNG

And at the bottom of the Jurisdiction liability report you will see Local Tax Collected. Click the arrow beside this to expand the view to see a breakdown of which jurisdiction each transaction's tax was collected for. You can use this information to manually file the returns with the specific locations.

Local Tax Collected.PNG

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