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Use the filing dashboard in Returns for Accountants

This article applies to:Avalara Returns for Accountants

Returns for Accountants provides a helpful filing dashboard that gives you an at-a-glance view of your clients' returns, including the number of returns filed in each filing period, and the number that still need to be prepared and filed in the current filing period.

Before you begin

Schedule any returns that you need to file on behalf of your clients.


  1. In Returns for Accountants, select Hello, username > Filing dashboard.
    The Filing dashboard page opens.
  2. Adjust your filters to customize the dashboard view:
    • Tax period: Select a tax period from the list.
    • Country: Optionally, select a country.
    • Region: Optionally, select a region.
    • Company group: Select a company group.
    • Start tax period: Optionally, select a starting tax period to see information about a tax period range. 
    • End tax period: Optionally, select an ending tax period to see information about a tax period range.
  3. Select Go to apply the filters.
  4. Review the information in the following widgets:
    • Number of returns processed for the filing month: This displays the number of returns in each filing status, such as pending approvalready for prepfiled, etc.
    • Replication delay: This displays the data replication for returns and reports. If the delay is 1 hour, it means that the returns or reports data doesn't reflect any changes made in the last hour.
    • Builds per hour: This displays the number of filing tasks that have been refreshed each hour.
    • Total returns: This displays the total number of returns filed for each filing period.
    • Filed returns: This displays the number of returns that were automatically prepared, automatically filed, and the percentage of returns that were fully automated.

If you'd prefer to use each widget separately, you can customize the filing dashboard view by going to Hello, username > Settings and changing the Filing dashboard layout option to Menu layout.

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