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Upload a representative power of attorney form for tax notices

This article applies to:Avalara Returns for Accountants

When your client receives a tax notice, they may need to complete a power of attorney (POA) form to allow your firm to contact the jurisdiction on their behalf. If your client receives a notice from a country, state, or province, make sure to add contact information in the power of attorney form for that jurisdiction.

Before you begin

  1. Identify the company officer who can sign the representative power of attorney.
  2. Download the power of attorney form for the jurisdiction that sent the notice.
  3. Work with your client to complete the form.


  1. In Returns for Accountants, select Filing Calendars > Filing Calendars.
  2. Use the Filters pane to find the company and return form.
  3. Use the filters to locate the filing calendar associated with the POA form.
  4. Find the filing calendar, then select ⋮ > Create Attachment.
  5. Enter the following information:
    • Attachment Type: Select Power of Attorney.
    • Status: Select Active.
    • Effective Date: Enter an effective date. This is generally the date the POA form was submitted to the state, or the effective date listed on the POA form.
    • Expiration Date: Enter the expiration listed on the POA form.
  6. Drag and drop the file into the upload area, or select Browse Instead to find the file on your computer.
  7. Select Save when you're done.
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