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Troubleshoot return filing errors

This article applies to:Avalara Returns for Accountants

After you've submitted an electronic return using Returns for Accountants, check back to make sure it was accepted by the taxing authority. 

Before you begin

  • File a return electronically.
  • Make sure you have all of the columns you'll need to successfully prepare and file returns:
    1. In Returns for Accountants, go to Returns > Filing Tasks.
    2. Select the down arrow to the right of a column header, then hover over the Columns text to see a list of available columns.
    3. Make sure that these columns are visible:
      • Company
      • Period
      • Country
      • Region
      • Notes
      • Method
      • Payment Method
      • Form
      • Frequency
      • Status
      • Errors
      • Gross
      • Exempt
      • Consumer Use Tax
      • Tax
      • Remittance
      • Account
    4. Select any other columns that find helpful. 


  1. In Returns for Accountants, go to Returns > Filing Tasks.
    The Filing Tasks page opens.
  2. Use the Filters pane to identify the company and tax period, and see the status to Rejected.
    Optional criteria can be included to locate the summaries you want to review.
  3. Select Go to view the filtered filing tasks.
  4. Hover over the icon in the Notes column to preview any filing error messages, or select the icon to open a more detailed view of the errors.
  5. Review the error messages, then use the return form editor to make any necessary corrections before submitting the return again.
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