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Add client companies

This article applies to:Avalara Returns for Accountants

After you add users, the next step is to add your client companies in Returns for Accountants and adjust the settings to reflect their sales and use tax obligations. If your client has a multi-company organization, add all of the companies.

Before you begin


  1. Send a client an AvaTax account link request
    If any of your clients use AvaTax, send them a request to link their account to your Returns for Accountants account.
  2. Add a client company
    Begin by entering some basic information about your client's company, including their address and tax ID numbers.
  3. Optional: Adjust client company settings
    Adjust the returns preparation settings for any companies that shouldn't inherit these settings from the firm.
  4. OptionalAdd company groups
    Use company groups to help direct your analysts to companies for which they're responsible.
  5. Add where your client collects tax
    Enter the states, local jurisdictions, and countries where your client is registered to collect and pay tax.
  6. Add company locations
    Add other company locations if your client needs to file returns based on location reporting requirements.  
  7. Add your banking information.
  8. Add transactions


Organize your team

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