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Set up Returns

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

Set up Returns if you want Avalara to file and remit your sales taxes returns on your behalf.  If you're not planning to purchase Returns, skip this step.  

Before you begin

Gather the information you need to set up Returns.

  1. Review where you collect and pay tax.
    Make sure we know everywhere you collect and pay tax.  Confirm the tax types and effective date for each jurisdiction.
  2. Import missing transactions to AvaTax.
    Verify all transactions for the current filing period are in AvaTax. 
  3. Complete your funding power of attorney.
    This way, we can pay on your behalf. 
  4. Schedule your returns.
    Let us know where, which forms, and how often to file.
Tip icon If you need to file returns in Canada, you cannot set them up directly in Returns. Email with your company name and filing terms. Learn more about Canadian filing requirements.

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