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I use Airbnb to rent my property and they collect and pay the taxes on my behalf. Do I need to report this to MyLodgeTax?


You would like to know how to report revenue earned from Airbnb rentals if Airbnb pays some or all of the tax due.




  • Airbnb is filing some or all of the lodging tax due for their customers in some locations of the country.  The list of locations expands each month.  You can check this website to see where Airbnb is currently filing lodging tax:

    • If Airbnb is filing ALL of your required taxes, and:

      • If you only use Airbnb, then you do not need our tax filing services and should cancel your account.

      • If you use Airbnb as well as other sites, then you should only report revenue earned on the other sites into your MyLodgeTax webpage.

    • If Airbnb is filing SOME, but not all of your required taxes, and:

      • If you only use Airbnb, please email us at to let us know and we will only assign the taxes that Airbnb does not file.  

      • If you use Airbnb as well as other sites, you will need to add a second identical property nicknamed “Airbnb” so that we can assign all of the required taxes to the 1st property and only the taxes that Airbnb does not file to the 2nd property.  When you report revenue, please report revenue earned on other sites on the 1st property (that has all applicable taxes assigned) and revenue earned on Airbnb on the 2nd property.