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I just signed up. What do I do next?


You would like to know the next steps after signing up for the MyLodgeTax service.




  • Once you sign up for our service, our Tax Research team begins investigating the taxes that you should charge your guests based on your property's location.  Usually within 3 business days, we will assign those tax rates to your property and email you a Tax Rate letter that details your tax rate, filing frequency, start date, reporting deadlines, and license requirements. 
  • Next, our Licensing department will review the license requirements and begin the application process with the appropriate tax jurisdictions.  We may need additional information from you at this point, so please be sure to check your email and respond within the given timeframe.
  • Once the application(s) have been completed, your property will become active in our system and you will be able to report your revenue into your MyLodgeTax account by your 1st reporting period as indicated on your Tax Rate letter.
  • When we receive any licenses/certificates that we applied for on your behalf we will send those to your mailing address, so please be sure to keep that address current on your MyLodgeTax webpage.