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2021 Price Increase FAQ


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the May 2021 increase to the MyLodgeTax monthly subscription fee and one-time setup fee.




Read below to find answers to frequently asked questions about the recent MyLodgeTax subscription fee change:

Q: Why did my MyLodgeTax increase the price of the monthly subscription fee and one-time setup fee?

A: Lodging taxes have become increasingly more complex, and as we continue to add more tax content and introduce new product features, our plans and prices may change.  We also may adjust plans and pricing to respond to market changes, such as wage increases or inflation. When we change plans or prices, we're always working to improve the Avalara MyLodgeTax experience and invest in a great experience for all our customers.


Q: How will I know if my price is changing?

A: You will see the new subscription fee on the receipt for your May 1, 2021 billing cycle.  


Q: If I have an existing discount, what will happen to my pricing? 

A: If you have an existing price discount with an expiration date, you will receive that discount until your expiration date.  You will be able to find the expiration date on your MyLodgeTax Subscription page.  Once logged in to your MyLodgeTax account, click Your Account > Subscriptions > and then the Sales & Lodging Tax Subscription link for the property you would like to check.  On the Subscription Detail page you will see your current price and the expiration date if that discounted pricing has an expiration date.


Q: What is the new MyLodgeTax subscription fee and setup fee?

A.  As of May 1, 2021 the new monthly subscription fee is $27 per property for up to 5 properties.  The one-time setup fee on new properties is $60.  If you plan on adding more than 5 properties to your account, please contact our Sales and Onboarding team at 877-589-0207 or to discuss other options.


Q: Are there price increases for any other Avalara MyLodgeTax services?

A.  Please see the MyLodgeTax Fees FAQ for a listing of our current prices.


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