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Add or remove fields

You can select and organize the fields on a report using the Field manager tab. Each field is displayed as a column in a report.  

The Field manager tab consists of the following section: 

  • Select fields to display: Displays the list of selected and available fields in a report. You can use this section to add, remove, and reorder the fields in a report.  
  • Preview: Displays the current data in a report. The application updates the data in the preview section when you make any changes in the Select fields to display section to always display the current data in a report. 


  1. From the Avalara License Management home page, go to the Reports tab.  
  2. Select either the System reports or Saved reports tab 
  3. Select a report, and then select Customize
  4. Select the Field manager tab. 
  5. Customize the columns in the Select fields to display section. 
    • To remove a field, select –. 
    • To exclude all fields from a report, select Remove all
    • To add a field, select +. 
    • To include all available fields in a report, select Add all
    • To change the order of a field, drag and drop a field to the desired position. 
  6. Verify report data in the Preview section. 
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