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Review incoming certificates

This article applies to:Exemption Certificate Management Pro

Review all the new certificates that you receive from your customers. Before exempting customer transactions, validate the available certificates, and add basic information about the certificate before it can be saved to your account.

ECM does not automatically validate the legitimacy of exemption certificates or other compliance documents with the taxing jurisdiction. Contact your Account Manager if you're interested in a paid validation service.


  1. From the home page, go to Exemptions > Certificates to review.
    The Certificates to review page opens, and lists all the certificates that you have received from your customers.
  2. Find a certificate that you want to review, and click Review
    Review the certificate page opens. 
  3. Find the name of the customer who sent you the certificate in the certificate image and select the same in Customers field.
    If you can't find the name in Customers field, add by clicking Add a customer link.
  4. Enter the region, exempt reason, and effective date from the certificate.
  5. Enter the tax ID and expiration date for each region supported by the certificate. 
  6. Select the certificate status as valid.
    If the certificate has any missing information, select the status as invalid and specify the details that are missing.
  7. Click Save.
All the saved certificates are available on Certificates page.
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