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Avalara Edge for AvaTax Release Notes

Release Month: June 2022

 Release Version: 1.0

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What's New

Avalara Edge for AvaTax is a software-based solution that runs in any cloud or data center environment to perform Sales Order Tax calculations. Avalara Edge's ability to run in any environment closer to the customer or customer cloud helps reduce the latency and expedite tax calculation performance. In addition, Avalara Edge has auto-scaling capabilities and is a robust IoT premised device that seamlessly communicates with the customer environment and Avalara's data center.

It has the following functionalities:

Content Automation 

Content Automation services facilitate the distribution of all system-generated content required to perform tax calculations using the Tax Calculation Service (TCS). When new content is applied to the central AvaTax databases, Avalara Edge for Avatax is notified by a series of data events that are then sent to all the clusters for consumption. 

Automated Account Synchronize

Automated Account Synchronize services facilitate the distribution of customer-specific configurations to their cluster. For example, Avalara Edge for AvaTax receives the customer changes through the Customer User Portal (CUP) and redistributes the data through a messaging pipeline to the clusters authorized to receive that account's data.

Automated Address Service Validation 

Automated Address Service Validation services facilitate the notification and distribution of new address data to all clusters. Avalara AvaTax requires the data to verify and resolve an address to a location for the most accurate tax calculation possible. 

Integration with Shopify Connector

Avalara Edge for AvaTax supports integration with the Shopify connector. 


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